Winter General Meeting (and AGM)

The Venue for this public meeting will be at the Kippax Library.

Can Charles Sturt solve another riddle of the rivers at West Belconnen?

The Canberra Times, 7 May 2015 by John Thistleton

Explorer Captain Charles Sturt, a property developer at West Belconnen, and Doug Anthony's former press secretary have each seen amazing land we ordinary types rarely get to see.


West Belconnen housing subdivision will reopen Ginninderra Falls

Posted by John Thistleton in Canberra Times on 3 May 2015.

The owner of land at Ginninderra Gorge, Anna HylesThe owner of land at Ginninderra Gorge, Anna Hyles. Photo: Jamila Toderas


Ian Warden's Gang Gang: Canberra Times 28 April 2015

link to full article

Gang-gang. In defence of the Dawn Service numbers


Meeting with Riverview

The Ginninderra Falls Biodiversity Working Group will meet with Riverview to discuss the issues connected with a 300 metre conservation corridor, plans for a visitor hub, and the need for further work on endangered species.

Formation in March 2015

The Ginninderra Falls Biodiversity Working Group was formed in March 2015 comprising the

It was agreed that biodiversity surveys of the Ginninderra Gorge is urgent and this needs to be done before finalising any urban boundries.

ABC News Online - Parkwood: Border between ACT and NSW set to be blurred by new shared suburb

Posted 18 April 2015 by Ewan Gilbert

ParkwoodCanberra's borders are set to blur with the latest green light given to the construction of the first suburb shared by the ACT and NSW.

Yass Valley Council has been handed NSW planning approval to submit a proposal to rezone the area known as Parkwood, west of Belconnen.



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